An outside eye teaches us something new

Here in Red Wing and at the Sheldon, we know well that it’s the people that make the place. The best things come about when each of us brings our skills – whatever they are – to bear in shared commitment to preserving and advancing all that’s special about our little corner of the world.

This past summer, we welcomed someone new to our community for a short-term role on the Sheldon staff. Grace Davis is an MBA student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s prestigious Bolz Center for Arts Administration. She brought her many talents in the field of arts management to help us conduct market research, develop space rental policies, and improve accessibility services. We thank her sincerely for advancing those behind-the-scenes projects.

Mostly, however, we are grateful for the insight Grace gave us into our own work here in Red Wing. Facilitating creative connections isn’t always glamorous and the labor isn’t always visible or widely understood. There are lots of meetings and spreadsheets and policies and paperwork and drafts and details to keep track of, and when we do our jobs well… it really ought to seem effortless.

Grace’s presence generously reflected back to us some of the quiet, unsung moments that are part of the larger project of making a theater run. With a filmmaker’s eye she left us with a poetic glimpse into the simple, sometimes overlooked, day-to-day reality of life in a beautiful small-town theater.

Thank you, Grace, for this gift! And, thank you Red Wing for being there, showing up, and sharing in the community-wide commitment to making this special place thrive!