People make the place

By Bonnie Schock

We did it!

The historic, beloved Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts has been renewed, refreshed, and reinvigorated. We did it, together.

It has been so rewarding for the entire Sheldon team to be a part of this remarkable, community-wide effort, with thousands coming together to make it all a reality. Our special thanks to everyone whose labor – as a construction worker, a legislative advocate, an artist, a volunteer, a committee member, a board member, council member, or a passionate supporter – made this once-in-a-generation transformation possible.

Sheldon Theatre Open House

We are so proud of everyone and all that we have done to reinvest and take care of this special place at the heart of our community. Thank you for being a part of it.

Please come see how it all glows! Experience a show. Share in the positive, transformative power of the performing arts at this treasured facility that has brought generations together.

We’re happy to share a few memories of the opening celebrations with all of you in the following slideshow. It is the people who make the place.