Remember when…

By Bonnie Schock, Sheldon Theatre Executive Director

Out of the blue, my six year old son said this morning “Mom! Remember that time when that dog peed in the puppet show? That was soooo funny.” That was 2 ½ years ago, when he was 3 and we lived in a different town, and it seems a lifetime away. But, he remembers…and so do I. And, we laughed about it again together this morning. Maybe we’ll laugh about it again ten or even twenty years from now. Experiences shared really matter. And, live performance is still a special occasion, filled with moments that etch into our memory and strengthen our connections to one another.

That’s why I’m an arts advocate. That’s why I believe that kids and adults should have access to art in everyday life – whether that’s in schools, or at a theatre or gallery, or at a neighborhood park.

That’s also why the Sheldon proudly presents great events with families in mind – including PUPPETS (who might pee!) at our free Summer Puppet Picnics on the second Thursday of June, July and August. Find out all the details at the Family and Youth page and come on out and make some new memories to last a lifetime.