This time the roof was removed intentionally*

By Natalie Olson

If you have been to the Sheldon in the last year you would have noticed the front entryway by the box office. How could you not, it was not the most attractive. Crumbling plaster, chipped and peeling paint, at one point there were giant braces holding the ceiling up. And they were, holding the ceiling up.

The Sheldon is currently in its 5th week of the renovation and everything is happening quickly. Every time I step into the theatre I am amazed and floored at the work that is getting done. What shocked me was the lack of roof over the box office. Yep. No roof. Crazy. And it was only gone for a short time before they built it back up.

Things are happening so fast we are trying not to miss it. Check out this blog to get updates on the construction and see the thing most people never get to see.

Enjoy the roofless box office images below.

*During the Sheldon Theatres second renovation the roof was blown off unintentionally on January 13, 1987.