It was a party like it was 1989! We had so much fun and made so many great new memories together as we launched the Sheldon’s 2019-2020 season with an 80s blowout Open House Party. There were leg warmers, off-the-shoulder tops, and lots of big hair as we all came down with a case of late ‘80s nostalgia.

“During last season’s Grand Reopening celebration, the House Party was so much fun, everybody told us we had to do it again,” said Executive Director Bonnie Schock. “It was a new way to experience this special place. So this year, we decided to honor our late 80s rebirth, and we paid homage to both the music and the culture we were living in when the Sheldon was first renovated 30 years ago.”

Here are a few highlights and memories from the evening, which encompassed the entire building, and featured live performance sets by Brat Pack Radio and Minneapolis sound pioneer Tina and the B-sides!

Warm welcome from the Sheldon doormen, David Oakes and Greg Nixon.

As the 115th year of programming gets underway this week, the Sheldon staff reflects on their roles as caretakers of a community treasure, and as facilitators of community experiences and human connections. What makes Red Wing’s jewel-box special?

Gina Chavez

We are proud to share the bold, eclectic lineup of powerhouse performers from Minnesota and around the globe that make up the 2019/20 season. Whether you yearn to revisit familiar favorites, seek out new performance adventures, or introduce a next generation to the wonders of the stage, we’ve built the season with an eye toward excellence and diversity. We hope to offer experiences to satisfy every taste and mood.

The walls of the Sheldon have seen so very much over its 115 year history. What keeps us going strong is how the offerings on stage evolve and adapt, reflecting and leading with the times. This season we are proud to feature tradition and innovation side by side.

Aaron Neville

Living legends like Aaron Neville and Max Weinberg will grace our stage and leave their mark here in Red Wing. And, bands like the BoDeans as well as singer-songwriter Dan Wilson, whose songs are destined to become the next generation’s ‘oldies’, will join us here and now so you can say you saw them when.

So too, we welcome those addressing issues of today and shaping the future of performance. Artists like rising musical star Gina Chavez, who is blending cultures and styles in a way that epitomizes the promise of an America that finds strength in its diversity; the women of L.A. Theatre Works’ SEVEN who are bringing true stories of obstacles overcome in the lives of real women around the globe; and the playful, unexpectedly poignant, social commentary found in Monica Bill Barnes’ delightful Happy Hour.


The music, words, visions and talents of these remarkable artists and dozens more will entertain, educate and enlighten, as they are forever woven into the ongoing story of this grand home for performance. The momentum continues.